The Benefits of Dandelion for Digestion

Dandelion is a common plant that most people can recognise. Therefore, it is a great introduction to herbal medicine. You can pick any part of the plant at any time of year for its medicinal benefits!

Why is Dandelion good for digestion?

  • Dandelion loves the liver. It is known in herbal medicine as a ‘cholagogue’. This means it stimulates bile production. Bile helps us digest fats and is a natural laxative to keep our bowels regular!
  • It is not only a cholagogue but dandelion promotes a strong and healthy liver which in turn supports our whole body
  • The beautiful yellow flowers have an affinity with our solar plexus chakra- the centre of emotional and physical digestion
  • Dandelion root is rich in inulin. This acts as a prebiotic to nourish our gut bacteria.
  • Dandelion stabilises blood. sugar and supports the pancreas.
  • The taste of dandelion is slightly bitter. The bitter taste stimulates the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid required to digest food. The bitter taste also stimulates pancreatic enzymes to start the digestion process in the small intestine.

How can you get the benefits of dandelion for digestion?

  • The root of the dandelion provides most benefits. The best time to harvest this is usually in Autumn when it is highest in medicinal starch and sugars.
  • The leaves can also be nibbled before a meal or added to your salads to get the digestion enhancing bitter flavour.

What can you do with dandelion?

There are so many things you can experiment with dandelion to make. Here are just a few ideas to enjoy:

  • Try roasting the roots and make dandelion coffee
  • Add alcohol to the roots or leaves to make a dandelion tincture
  • Or instead add the roots to vinegar to make a dandelion vinegar
  • Use the dandelion the flowers in a honey and make a dandelion infused honey
  • You could fritter the dandelion flowers or make a pesto with the dandelion leaves