LET'S WORK together

Do you want to get a deeper understanding of what's happening with your health?I'm here to help you find the root causes of what's really going on and will guide you through a holistic approach to bring back your joie de vivre.

LET'S WORK together

Do you want to get a deeper understanding of what's happening with your health? I'm here to help you find the root causes of what's really going on and will guide you through a holistic approach to bring back your joie de vivre.

How I Can Help

I use herbal medicine, nutrition and kinesiology to support you to rebalance your health.

Blending traditional naturopathic techniques and evidence based functional medicine, I provide a holistic perspective  on healing.

From iridology readings to lab tests, I use different tools to help you find the answers to health concerns. I take a personalised approach to offer you the advice & guidance to feel better through natural solutions.

I work a lot with women’s health including fertility challenges, menopausal symptoms, PCOS, fibroids and menstrual cycle issues such as irregular, heavy, painful, or absent periods and PMS.

It’s common to see hormone imbalances related to liver and digestive health, immune function, thyroid and stress. We would work on addressing symptoms whilst dealing with the root causes.

For in-person sessions, I also offer kinesiology which can be really helpful here as it allows us to dive deeper into emotional health and energetic blockages in the meridian system (based on Five Element acupuncture techniques).

Hippocrates once said ‘All disease starts in the gut’.

I do see this with most of my clients have an underlying issue with digestion whether it be symptoms of bloating, intolerances, wind, pain, reflux, nausea, diarrhoea or constipation.

Fortunately, there are so many herbs that can support all aspects of gut health from gallbladder function, increasing stomach acid, reducing bacterial and yeast overgrowth and more. This can often remove the need for extreme elimination diets, however, we would look at how to use nutrition therapeutically too.

For in-person sessions I can use kinesiology to work on the ileocaecal valve which can also help resolve underlying gut issues.

Common endocrine issues I work with include thyroid function such as Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism, adrenal health including adrenal fatigue, diabetes and insulin resistance.

Issues around energy levels can be a common picture for many of these conditions and this is where natural medicine can be so helpful as it nourishes the bodies energy reserves rather than pushing them. Herbs can be combined with supportive lifestyle therapies to build resilience and vitality.

Supporting our immune system can help so many issues.

Typically clients will have either an ‘under-active’ immune system dealing with chronic infections or an ‘over-active’ immune system dealing with allergies and auto-immunity.

From coughs to cystitis, I support people with naturopathic guidance for both prevention and acute issues.

We would also take a holistic approach to understanding why there is immune system dysregulation for example; underlying toxicity, gut health etc.

Our physical and emotional health are interconnected and it is very common to see improvements in issues such as anxiety or depression when we start to work on the body.

I use tools to support emotional aspects of people’s health combining Bach flower therapy, herbs, behavioural iridology and tapping. This can also help in making connections between the emotional map of certain health issues.

I also work with some neurological issues which include headaches, migraines and insomnia.

This is another area where underlying disharmony may be disrupting our health from nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances to simply stress.

By spending time with my clients asking questions and using naturopathic diagnostics or lab tests then we can get to the bottom of what potentially is going on.

Cardiovascular health including blood pressure and cholesterol can often be helped through nutritional, herbal and lifestyle medicine.

There are a number of well-researched approaches using diet and herbs that can offer preventative as well as acute support for heart health.

I offer support with at-home monitoring of key markers such as heart rate variability, blood glucose and uric acid and can recommend further testing where required to understand some of the underlying drivers of inflammation such as toxicity, stress, hormones and deficiencies.


I work with the whole person which is why our journey begins by exploring your health through the naturopathic health programme. We work together over three sessions using herbs, nutrition and naturopathic support to meet your health goals.

Go to the FAQ section to learn more or get started by booking a free discovery call to see if I’m the right practitioner for you.


Naturopathic Health Programme

This is an introductory package of three consultations for all new clients who are looking to support their health using herbal and nutritional medicine.

I spend time getting to know you and your lifestyle and your health history to understand the underlying drivers of your health issues. In this way, we can find how to truly support your body back to health.

You will get a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment, personalised nutrition and lifestyle protocols, bespoke herbal medicines and email support throughout.

The consultations can take place either in-person in Clapham, SW London or via Zoom.


  • One 90-minute initial consultation
  • Two 60-minute follow up consultations
  • Symptom analysis and feedback
  • (In-person only) Kinesiology- muscle testing and body work.
  • 3 months' worth of herbal medicine

Ongoing Support

Following the three consultations, we will review how you may need ongoing support. This could be one-off consultations or a longer-term health programme. Everything will be tailored to suit your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the consultation, I will send you a form to fill out covering background medical history and a symptom analysis questionnaire. This will be used to track key priorities and improvements.

Our first consultation takes an hour and a half. During this time, I will ask lots of questions to help me build a complete picture of your health.

I use naturopathic diagnostic techniques such as muscle testing (kinesiology) and looking at the eyes, tongue and nails. I also work with laboratories so you can access functional diagnostic tests.

Using clues from your diet, lifestyle and symptoms, combined with any necessary laboratory tests, the goal is to find the right plan for you. This is a collaborative process which involves time and patience.

I offer in-person consultations in my clinic room in my house. This has allowed me to create a warm, private and welcoming space. It’s not your typical cold, clinical environment- expect a herbal tea on arrival!

As with anything, it will vary by person, so I will try to develop a roadmap once understanding your specific case.

However, let’s start with my general experience.

So in my experience, I find that many people will quickly  notice a difference in their symptoms. This can be life-changing in itself. Some clients come to me to resolve a specific issue and that can be quite quick. However, most people have a long list of issues that they want to work on and other things can take longer to shift.

Or perhaps they find that they feel better but under a period of stress or illness certain symptoms return. So it can take longer to build that overall resilience.

I like the analogy that my mentor shared with me- imagine your health like a bank account. When ill you are in your health overdraft and whilst the first goal is to move you back into current account but the ultimate goal is to move into your health savings account.

Another good analogy is that of doing up a house, you might just think you need an extension but then you find that the pipes need fixing and the roof is leaking! Our bodies are complicated  and the difference with naturopathy to conventional medicine is that we are trying to peel off the layers that have contributed to feeling like this in the first place. That could involve toxicity and deficiency that has built up over many years from poor diets, medications, stress, environmental exposure and trauma.

Usually it’s never just one thing so as you can imagine…it can take a bit of time to go this deep. Especially living in a world which unfortunately does not promote health.

However, in our consultations I’m also here to teach you about health, herbs and how you can use them to be your own healer!

I generally recommend tinctures which are extracts of herbs in alcohol. These are very easy to store and take as well as being highly therapeutic.

I may also provide herbs in the forms of teas, capsules, steams, aromatic waters, powders and creams.

I studied for 7 years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine gaining 3 distinction level diplomas in herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and naturopathy which included iridology, Bach Flower remedies, tissue salts and detoxification.

The herbal medicine training was a rigorous four year programme including 500 hours of clinical training, medical diagnostics such as palpation as well as Ayurveda and Western humoral medicine. My dissertation explored the therapeutic use of silymarin (a compound found in Milk Thistle) for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

I am also qualified in kinesiology with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

I am a member of the Association of Master Herbalists and the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT).

I adhere to a strict code of ethics, have full professional insurance and regulated by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the General Naturopathic Council (GNC).

I regularly participate in additional training and lead the education programme for the council for the Association of Master Herbalists.

Further training includes:

  • Behavioural Iridology with Andrew Mason
  • Using CBD Oil in Clinical Practice with Emma Dalton
  • Functional Medicine Mentoring with Tanya Borowski
  • Vitality Health Practitioner with John Ogden
  • Humoral Medicine with Steve Taylor
  • Women’s Health & Hormones with Matthew Wood & Phyllis Light
  • Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Programme with Saajah Popham
  • Cancer Care SL1 and SL2 with Xandria Williams
  • Introduction to Mycotherapy with Hifas Da Terra
  • Environmental Health Masterclasses with practitioners include Nicole Biljsma and Dr Mark Donohoe
  • Natural Fertility Masterclasses with practitioners including Angela Hywood and Kate Powe
  • Advanced Period Repair with Lara Briden

and much more!

The naturopathic health programme will include all your herbal medicine.

However, supplements and functional diagnostic tests are additional.

Functional diagnostic tests such as blood, hair and urine analysis are not always necessary. However, I will share any recommendations about testing following an initial consultation to see if it would be helpful for you.

Generally, I recommend every 4 weeks. However, when there are complex health issues it may need to be more frequent.