What are the benefits of rose tea?

We associate roses with the heart!

And roses have always been used as love magic.

In fact rose tea has been said to induce prophetic dreams about who you will marry!

However, rose tea can also be used for some incredible physical benefits!

The benefits of roses include:

  • Can be used as a toner for the skin
  • Rose is very calming and used to alleviate depression from shock and grief
  • Supports the heart both physicall y and emotionall y
  • Rose harmonises the blood and is used to regulate menstrual cycles and blood stagnation
  • Alleviates liver stagnation
  • Uplift the mood by adding roses to the bath

Rose tea is often described as a herbal hug so I often use it for clients that need some TLC. Roses help open the heart but they are so generous when the bloom. However, I like that we can also learn lessons from the thorns that they have. You have to approach Rose gently to not get injured by their thorns. I feel this is an important lesson for us to remember that we can have an open heart and bloom in such beauty but we also have to protect ourselves. Rose can support our heart in this way.

Rose is fantastically versatile to use and get to know. We can drink rose tea but we can also add it to our cooking and make rose scented goods or create delicately perfumed syrups and aromatic waters or oils to use on the body.

My favourite rose variety to drink is Rosa damascena or Damask Rose. It is so beautiful and highly aromatic! You could also try Rosa gallica or Rosa canina commonly known as Dog rose which grows wild across Europe so you could harvest this yourself to get started with enjoying rose tea!