Join me this New Moon in March (Tuesday the 24th) to honour women’s history month for an event dedicated to empowering women to flourish throughout their moon cycle and promote period health.

Hosted by myself, naturopath Izzy Kirkby & Life Coach Ellen Million this evening will teach you how to step into your female energy and flourish in your cycle.

Together we will be learning about the hormonal changes that happen during the monthly cycle and how this can affect our mind and body.

We will explore how to work in harmony with our hormones and use the science behind these shifts to provide tips and techniques to manage the emotional and physical changes that we undergo.

Through this holistic understanding of women’s bodies we intend to empower women to step into their female energy and reclaim the power of the period.

Ellen Million is a certified Transformational Life Coach. She helps busy individuals connect within to get on their most authentic and fulfilling path. Her approach takes coaching tools to a deeper level by pairing them with mindfulness techniques, enabling her clients to uncover deeply-rooted self beliefs and overwrite ‘the programme’.

Izzy Kirkby is a naturopath who uses nutrition and herbs to empower people to make changes to their health using natural medicine. Her method is founded on treating the person – rather than their symptoms – with natural solutions backed by science. She is passionate about educating people about the transformative power of plants and specialises in women’s health.