Join us for this webinar on how to improve fertility specifically for women with PCOS.

We will be sharing natural ways to support you on your fertility journey.

We will cover:
•Naturopathic approach to PCOS and it’s causes
•How PCOS can impact fertility
•Nutritional, herbal and dietary advice for sustainable changes

Book now to learn how to take a holistic approach to you health.
We will share a summary of the slides and a recording of the event to all attendees.

About Your Hosts:

Viv is a Herbalist and Fertility Expert who help couples turn their dreams of having a baby into reality.
She specialises in helping women dealing with PCOS and learn how to take back control of their health and Fertility.
She uses nutrition, herbal medicine lifestyle, mind and body interventions in her treatment programmes.
Having PCOS herself, she has successfully taken back control of her health and fertility by simply using these methods.
Viv’s passion is to empower women to learn how they can improve their fertility and successfully conceive a baby naturally or assisted.

Izzy is a naturopath who uses nutritional therapy and herbal medicine to provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Her approach is grounded in biochemistry applied using an energetic framework to address the whole person not just their symptoms. Izzy primarily works with women to engage and empower them to learn about how they can support their health using natural medicine.