It can be said that when we lose our vision, we become lost.
We lose our vision when in fear and distraction; or when conditioning and hurt prevent us from seeing our truth.

Disconnection from the inner self and Spirit causes us to lose the way. Reconnection to the Divine and to purpose allows us to see again.

This workshop is conceived as a transformational process to bring about a shift, to manifest a reality in alignment with who we want to become.

In a symbolic sense, the Five elements are the basic building blocks of the human being and his or her experience. Earth, water, air and fire relate to the different facets of our body, being, and realities.

Earth symbolises the physical body and stability; it is purified through fasting.

Water corresponds to our emotional being and relationships – cleansed through conscious bathing.

Air is the intellect and communication, which is purified through breathwork.

Fire is our passion and ability to take action, which is balanced through direct interaction with the raw flame.

The Fifth Element corresponds to our soul, the spiritual aspect that dwells within us. Spiritual practice and devotion reconnects us to the Divine Self.

In this weekend retreat, we will draw on the power of the Five Elements to purify the corresponding areas of our life. This in turn brings about balance and transformation, so that we may reconnect to our inner core and express our potential.

Shamanic practices are deeply rooted in the Earth, the elements and the realm of Nature. Shamanic practices connect us to an ancient lineage and timeless power that goes beyond our 21st century approach to the world – which is often excessively rational. All spiritual beliefs in all cultures started out as shamanism. Although the external forms and dogmas have changed over the millennia, the essence of shamanism remains constant: it opens direct connection to the Divine, for healing, insight and transformation.

Conscious Breathwork is a simple yet powerful practice that takes us into deep meditation and trance. It brings balance and vision. Combined with the “Icaros” or power-songs of shamanism, the breathwork sessions anchor us in the earth and our true selves.

This workshop will run from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. It includes element-based purification practices, conscious breathwork sessions, group support and sharing as well as themed discussions and exercises for self-evaluation. We create a safe space for you to heal, reflect and reconnect to your truth, while sharing with a community of like-minded people.