Our intention for this online women’s retreat is to dive deep into what it means to fully support one another and ourselves.

We will connect and collaborate through our feminine wisdom and deepen in love with humility and bravery to encounter our joy, fear and shadow, with compassion for ourselves and others.

We will be called back to our bodies, our hearts, and our naturalness so that we can trust our wild wisdom and deep inner knowing.

True magic happens when women come together and courageously face their shadows and unapologetically shine their light.

The world needs us to rise together now and claim this power.

We are inviting you to create a nourishing retreat in the comfort of your own home, coming together in community via Zoom.

Gathering in sisterhood, we will take this time to discover tools for healing ourselves, connecting to our innate creative potency through yoga, nutrition, deep relaxation, breathwork, shamanic journeying, sound bathing and reiki.

We will participate in practices that address the importance of regulating our own nervous system in times of solitude and intensity.

You will be able to discover how to meet yourself, lovingly, when it can feel as though you want to run or hide. This is an opportunity to really arrive in your body as home.

The female body can be viewed as a gateway between heaven and earth, a physical portal to connect to divinity and our cosmic potential to co-create new realities and to re-birth ourselves.

What will we be  doing

We will reside in our connectedness, learning very practical ways to expand our love frequency/circuitry to support human evolution.

  • We will explore these themes through yoga, nutrition, deep relaxation, breathwork, shamanic journeying, sound bathing and reiki

  • You will be offered dietary and nutritional expertise to lovingly support yourself, through our weekend together and beyond.

  • For the duration of the retreat we invite you to stay off tech with the exception of our shared zoom sessions and we ask that all participants ensure they are able to join all sessions undisturbed. Approximately half the scheduled time will be “screen” time, the remainder being primarily/only audio.

  • When you sign up you will receive a list of recommended props/materials and audio recordings to listen to throughout the week leading up to the retreat.

  • Practitioners holding space will be available for individual follow up sessions during the week following the retreat.    

  • Retreat runs from 6pm Friday evening to bedtime Sunday evening, 1-3 May 2020 (with breaks morning and afternoon, and two hours for lunch and exercise and flexibility to participate in evening nidra at 6pm or listen to audio when you go to bed on the Saturday/Sunday evenings 

If you would like to see a full schedule please email us on [email protected]


  • £95 if you are on a reduced income
  • £145 if your income is not affected
  • There are spaces available free of charge if you feel called to participate and are unable to fund your place please email [email protected].

The team: