Yūgenial x Izzy Living

Join Nia Davies, founder of holistic wellness brand Yūgenial offering a sustainable and 100% natural CBD range, and Izzy Kirkby naturopath and herbalist to learn all about using herbs and CBD in wellness rituals.

We will be exploring self love rituals to care for your body such as herbal baths and beauty products. We will also look at how we can use CBD for self-love and close with a meditation using the Yugenial CBD elixir.

Each guest will receive a custom blend of herbs to take home and use in their own wellness ritual.


Yūgenial was founded by Nia who studied Medical Science with Gastroenterology and Hepatology (gut and liver health) at Imperial College London and developed a concurrent curiosity in some integrative forms of health and wellness, for which there is emerging research, along with a holistic personal-care and wellness brand Yūgenial.

Izzy (Izzy Living) is a naturopath who uses nutrition and herbal medicine to support people
achieve optimum health. Her approach is grounded in biochemistry applied
using an energetic framework to address the whole person not just their