Late October and Early November are seen as the time where the veil between the worlds is thin. All faith and indigenous traditions acknowledge this time, whether Halloween, All Souls Day, Samhain, Diwali – there are universal practices of honouring death and supporting illumination through the darker seasons.

We are inviting you to create a nourishing retreat in the comfort of your own home, coming together in community via zoom, for a journey at this time when the illusion of separation lifts to reveal the truth of eternity and interconnection. Where spirit meets form, life meets death, the known melts into the unknown. We will gather collectively to support our individual journey through this shift in the seasons and all we are experiencing.

We will hold a container for exploration through voice, movement, meditation, sharing and sound as portals through which we can allow that which is ready, to die; invite in the wisdom of our ancestors and bring light where it is needed to guide our way forwards.

After the opening circle on Friday, each day will provide movement practices, nutritional and herbal wisdom to lovingly support yourself through the weekend and beyond, sound journeys, exploration with your own voice and expression and the opportunity to hold space for manifestation of the seeds you want to plant and nurture. This is an opportunity to reside in your body as home, and in our interconnectedness as a community.

For the duration of the retreat we invite you to stay off tech with the exception of our shared zoom sessions and we ask that all participants ensure they are able to join sessions undisturbed.

We will share recordings of all sessions apart from sharing circles which will be confidential – while we hope you are able to join in real time for as many as possible this means you can also access content and continue the practices beyond the retreat.

We will share a list of recommended props/materials and audio recordings to listen to throughout the week leading up to the retreat.