Join myself and Francesca Oddie on 20th June 2020 for a workshop honour the Summer Solstice, the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer. We will be talking about summer solstice rituals so you can capture the energy of this period.

There is a lot happening astrologically with the solstice, eclipse and New Moon so Francesca will be sharing her insights and wisdom about what is happening in the planets.

We will also be discussing the historical and mythological significance of the solstice.

The combination of the fiery Sun energy and watery Moon energy is a difficult one to navigate so we will be discussing herbal medicine and rituals that we can all do to help keep ourselves centred in these times!

We will also demonstrate how we can make a smudge stick using local plants to help connect with the solstice and the eclipse.

A recording and PDF summary will be available for those who cannot attend live.

About your hosts:

Izzy Kirkby is an Herbalist, Naturopath who has an interest in Astrology. Francesca is an Astrologer, Numerologist and is training to be an Herbalist.

Together they have created a class that is as fun + educational as it is magical.