The Healing Power of Herbs

Connect to the intuitive wisdom from the earth to find health through plant medicine.

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healing used by man and is still used by over 75% of the world as the primary form of healthcare.

The traditional folklore about the power of plants is now being proven in scientific studies and we have more need than ever for herbs to help with the stress of modern life and support us without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

This workshop will teach you about the local, abundant plants that we can all find and work with for free. The plants that many of our great-grandmothers would have used to keep the whole family healthy.

We will be learning about how these everyday weeds can be magical and powerful medicines and taught stories about their history and mythology.

You will gain practical tips on how to start working with herbs and the opportunity to make herbal remedies that you can take home and start using straight away!