Power of the Period

Did you know that menstrual blood contains stem cells?

These amazing cells are the only cells able to specialise and turn into any type of cell in the human body. Therefore, a stem cell has the potential to become anything! For example; a skin cell or brain cell.

This is why there is a lot of research in using stem cells to replace existing damaged cells through injury or disease. By replacing damaged cells with stem cells then we could effectively regenerate our bodies!

Previously, it was thought that only embryos possessed these stem cells. This is because a developing baby needs these stem cells to then turn into the bits of the body they need. This of course poses ethical issues in the field of stem cell research if they are to be studied.

However, it has been discovered that menstrual blood also contains a special kind of stem cell that has the ability to turn into other cells. Therefore, the stem cells in menstrual blood could be used in a similar way!

Some people are already storing the blood from their babies umbilical cord so that their stem cells can be used in the future for life saving treatment.

Imagine though if we are able to use menstrual blood instead! The implications could be that every month women have the power with their own blood to regrow damaged organs and tissues and even reverse the ageing process.

Even more mind-blowing….these cells can be transplanted into anyone without rejection!

Rediscovering Ancient Knowledge

I learned about the power of menstrual blood and stem cells in Womb Awakening by Azra and Seren Bertrand.

I was amazed to learn that many sacred texts in ancient cultures also speak about the incredible power of menstrual blood to promote health and longevity.

The Baul mystics of India ingested it as the most powerful and holy of bodily fluids. It was reputed to enhance their memory and allow them to access different states of consciousness suffusing them with happiness, serenity and love.

The concept of vampires may have originated from womb shamans in Russia known as the upir who may have also drunk menstrual blood and knew the ways to prepare it with herbs to prevent coagulation and destruction of the the stem cells.

Are we now using science to reclaim some lost knowledge about how powerful periods really are?!