5 Benefits Traditional Benefits Rosemary

Today I have got blissfully lost in ancient Rosemary folklore. Rosemary has so much meaning and symbolism throughout many cultures, I love how we can connect with this plant in the same way that our forebearers did.

My voyage of discovery reminded me what I love most about studying herbalism: It’s not just about learning biochemical actions of plants. It’s also about exploring the traditions, history, rituals, culture and the subconscious memory of herbs.

Rosemary has been offering us protection and comfort throughout the ages and we are still learning about all the incredible properties it has.

Here’s a rundown of just 5 of Rosemary’s benefits with a fascinating glimpse into the history of this aromatic herb.

Rosemary boosts our brainpower

A 2012 study showing the smell of Rosemary can increase your memory by 75% prompted the media to proclaim Rosemary as a latest hack to boost intelligence.

However, this is nothing new. In fact it’s something we’ve known for millennia.

As far back as Ancient Greece, students wore garlands of rosemary around their necks, or plaited in their hair to improve their memory during exams.

Rosemary connects us to those who have passed away

Rosemary doesn’t just help us remembering facts for exams. It is also saidthat it helps us remember those who have passed away.

From Ancient Egyptians to the early Europeans, rosemary would be placed on coffins or outside tombs during burial rites a tradition spanning many cultures and countries.

Rosemary reveals our true love

On a more positive note, Rosemary is also associated with fidelity and love.It is traditional to give a sprig of rosemary to newlyweds to inspire faithfulness. In English folklore if a girl placed a plate of flour under a rosemary bush on midsummer’s eve, her future husband’s initials would be written in it.

In France if a man could not smell the fragrance of rosemary then he would be an inadequate lover!

You can try it yourself by putting rosemary under your pillow then your dreams may reveal you’retrue love!

Rosemary heals

Of course, Rosemary is also a medicinal herb and was used traditionally to sterilise and prevent infections.

Burning rosemary purifies the air so was used both in hospitals and churches to this effect.

The Romans used rosemary not just to protect against infections but evil spirits.

Rosemary has beauty benefits

Rosemary is also famous for its cosmetic uses and washing your face with it preserves youth and beauty.

A great illustration of this is when Queen Elizabeth of Hungary (1305-1381) used Rosemary Water to ease her rheumatism and gout. At the age of 73 it did not only cure her of these ailments but completely rejuvenated her entire self. She became so beautiful that the King of Poland then proposed to her when he was just 26!

Rosemary has been offering us protection and comfort throughout the ages and we are still learning about all the incredible properties it has.

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