Where to Buy Herbs in the UK

I get asked where to buy herbs in the UK a lot. I always encourage people to get to know their local plants so that they can make their own medicine. However, that is a long term game as we might need to wait for the plant to be in season, for the medicine to be ready and also we have to have the time and inclination to make our own medicine in the first place!

The good news is there are lots of lovely suppliers that can provide us with the benefits of herbal medicine without us having to make our own!

Plus herbal suppliers may be making medicines using different techniques so we have more ways of working with the plants such as aromatic waters!

Why we should shop local

The quality of our herbal medicine is really important. Most negative interactions that people have with herbs is due to some suppliers adulterating expensive herbs with cheaper bulk material. We also want to ensure that the herbs are harvested in a sustainable way. Either by growing the herbs specifically for medicinal purposes or wildcrafting in a manner that does impact the biodiversity of the region.
Finally, we also want to ensure that the herbs are grown in the right environment so they do not become contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides. This can be a problem particularly sourcing from places with lower manufacturing standards to the UK such as China.

Therefore, I always recommend people buying directly from a herbal supplier rather than a faceless product off Amazon!

This also means we can support small businesses too!

Herb Suppliers:


One of my favourite herb suppliers, the founder Joe Nasr is a chemist and an artist and is able to capture the essence of herbs for his products including tinctures, aromatic waters and spiritous waters.  However, you do have to be a registered herbalist to buy.

Ambrose Herbs


Bristol Botanicals

Granary Herbs

Health Embassy

Herbal Apothecary

Herbs, Hands, Healing

A great place to find amazing blends for specific needs such as a detox and also stocks Dr Schulze products.

Herbs in A Bottle


Indigo Herbs

Organic Herb Trading Company 

These have an incredible range of dried organic herbs for teas and powders.


One of our oldest herbal suppliers based in Scotland, founded in 1860 by herbalist Duncan Napier. It sells a wide range of herbs including tincture blends and teas.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Rutland Biodynamic

Rutland Biodynamic, as you can tell by the name, focus on selling biodynamic tinctures made of the fresh plant. I often prefer to use the fresh plant where possible and the quality of the herbs are incredible.

Panacea Health

Planta Medica

A plant medicine co-operative where you can join as a member and access reduced prices and input into the business. Even if you don’t join, you can still buy an amazing range of plant medicines, a lot of them organic too.


Specialist Herbal Supplies

Star Child Glastonbury

A gorgeous shop selling dried herbs, aromatic waters and oils, they also have a beautiful range of candles, teas and incense. A must for those that are witchy minded!

Tree Harvest

A lovely, family run company based in Devon that not only sells some amazing botanicals but an incredible range of other products and foods. Great if you want to make skin care products or buy excellent quality of spices,  nuts and powders.

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

The Ulverston Herbalist

I hope this helps you get started with herbal medicine and please let me know if I have missed any off this list!


If you are also looking for blended herbal teas, then you can check out my own range here!



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