Charlotte, Acupuncturist

I’m so so happy to have found Izzy! Working with her 1-1 during kinesiology sessions. Her tailored advice that was realistic with my time/budget, plus her beautiful herbs and teas all helped my menstrual cycle to return after a number of years without. Joining her group ‘Reclaim Your Cycle’ course continued the learnings in manageable chunks with practices /tools to support us in optimising our cycle. I love how Izzy’s approach empowers you to understand and trust your innate wisdom!

Karolina, Photographer

Izzy is one of these people who I'm every day grateful for. I was struggling with hormonal imbalance, digestive issues and many more related to them. All the time different diagnoses and different ideas of what to do. Meeting Izzy changed a lot in my life, for the better, obviously! I feel more balanced, stable and aware of what is happening in my body. I have noticed positive effects of her work almost a month after our first consultation. She always has time to explain everything properly. Always with this amazing spark in her eyes that says how passionate she is about the job she does. Angel not human ;)

Antonia, Chiropractor

I started working with Izzy when I was at a very low point. After months of tests and multiple hospital visits and still no closer to finding any answers, I had a consultation with Izzy and instantly felt confidence in her - how she asked her questions, links she made and how thorough she was. She advised some specific tests that had not been tested with mainstream medicine which ultimately gave me a diagnosis. She helped me repair, restore and heal, it was a process but she guided me the whole way. I honestly cannot recommend her enough - I am so thrilled I found her. Such a gem! Thank you Izzy!!

Olly, Designer & Coach

Seeing Izzy on a one-to-one basis is refreshing, it’s insightful and Izzy listens intuitively. Using all of her knowledge to really find out what your body needs in the moment, whilst also having in mind the bigger picture of what you want to achieve with your health and vitality on every level. If you’re really looking for support for your body mind and spirit from mother nature’s kitchen, see Izzy! You won’t regret it. Thank you Izzy for being my herbalist, my body and emotions are more in balance having seen you.

Lauren, Writer

Finding Izzy has been a game-changer for me. She is thoughtful, intuitive, and her diligence in getting to the root of any health issue is unmatched; in her sessions I feel safe, heard, and like no question is a silly one. I’ve seen massive improvements in my health since working with her and that’s exactly how it feels - like a really collaborative empathetic process. I trust her completely and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Izzy!

Annie, Psychologist

Izzy supported me to develop a good fat diet to stabilise my energy levels and reduce my refined carb and sugar intake....After a few weeks on this diet I felt amazing with high energy and regular digestion. I then came to Izzy with two new issues...Izzy was able to mix me a herbal tea, and within a few weeks both of these issues disappeared. I can’t recommend Izzy highly enough, she makes you feel at ease and really listens to your concerns.

Nikki, Coach

Izzy's consultations are holistic, which means she takes everything, not just presenting symptoms into consideration.  In my case, this enabled Izzy to identify the root of my health challenges long before the doctor did.  And that enabled me to get really focused to make positive changes and improvements immediately. I also love that Izzy uses muscle testing - quite magical. Her passion for her specialty is infectious and she delivers all of her wisdom in a down to earth way and where appropriate, with humour. Your health really is your wealth and Izzy is worth every penny :)

Sam, Singer

I have been seeing Izzy for years now for a variety of health issues. In short, the results have been incredible. What I love the most is Izzy’s holistic approach. She deeply uncovers all physical, emotional and lifestyle factors, that were playing a part in my physical health symptoms. Izzy is an incredibly positive, warm and empathetic person. As a result of Izzy’s treatment, I saw an incredible improvement in my health, both mentally and physically. My eczema greatly improved, I experienced reduced pain and overall, felt much more healthy and energetic.

Susie, Chef

I couldn't have asked for a kinder and warmer heart to support us, it was just amazing. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and looking forward to having a healthy baby. My digestion has significantly improved, my eczema has also nearly cleared up and my confidence in my body and myself has been restored. She has continued to provide me with support for way longer than I would have expected and will always be my go to for help in the future. What a star!! I highly recommend her.

Victoria, Financial Journalist

I went to Izzy a few months ago after struggling with lethargy at work in the afternoons. She helped me to transform my energy levels by suggesting small tweaks to my diet and daily routine, which have gone a long way. I can now go the whole day without reaching relying on unhealthy short term boosts from sugar or caffeine. Izzy also taught me a lot about how and why we all must maintain a healthy gut. Izzy is an absolute joy to be seen by. She listens and genuinely cares about her clients. I couldn’t recommend her more!