Laura, Civil Servant

Izzy has been a great support to me and got exactly to the heart of what I needed. I left feeling cared for and inspired by how she blends holistic and traditional approaches. Don't be fooled by her chatty personality, she is sharp, knowledgeable and intuitive.

Reynah, Actor

I felt seen and heard and held. Izzy supports and recognises not just physical issues but mental, emotional and spiritual which of course all effect one another. I feel at peace that I’ve finally found somebody that I feel safe with too.

Amanda, Business Strategist

I was amazed that the best Doctors in Surrey could only say ‘you’re fine, maybe go on the pill’, whereas Izzy’s approach is to investigate gentle options one by one until the client is satisfied.

Nicola, Course Student

One year of herbal medicine really has changed the way I support my health and the health of my family. I am now an avid forager wherever I go and I provide my kids and husband herbal remedies whenever they are unwell.

Samantha, Performer

I had been experiencing acute back and hip pain and I was extremely anxious as I had a dance audition. After just one session, my pain greatly reduced as a direct result of Izzy’s calming and therapeutic treatment ways and was able to successfully audition!

Clare, Course Student

Izzy’s enthusiasm and passion for opening the world of herbal medicine to everyone shines and her deep knowledge of this wide and fascinating subject means that her lessons are clear and easily understood without being overly simplistic.